On this page I share some insights into my work as a nature photographer. I spend a lot of time out in the wilderness to shoot the best photos. The most spectacular scenes are often created under difficult conditions.

Here some video clips of the roaring torrent high in the Alps. This mountain stream carries a lot of ice cold melt water on this dull spring day. The spectacular water masses served as motive for art photo collections “in the torrent” and “white water”.

Stan Weyler Fine Art Photography – masses of water tumble down the mountain

Under high pressure, the mountain water gushes out from between the boulders. Thousands of liters of fresh water per minute rush down the mountainside. Further down in this alpine valley, this unbridled power is used for ecological energy production. But it can be very dangerous to get close to the wild watercourse. the river levels can rise suddenly and unexpectedly.

Stan Weyler Fine Art Photography – water under high pressure